Survival is not just about what skills you have, it's about knowing when to apply them. With knowledge and understanding of ourselves and the world around, we can make informed decisions, work smart, conserve energy and maximise our odds of survival in any situation.

No matter what the climate and available resources, the same survival principles apply meaning that with one set of rules, we can give ourself the best chance of survival anywhere in the world, under any circumstances.

Knowledge and skills taught hand in hand develop a greater understanding and through practice, can be retained and called upon at any time.


Courses with Art & Science of Survival teach the most relevant and up to date skills in conjuction with the knowledge you need to know how they work and when to use them to the greatest effect. All courses have a core curriculum and can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Survival, Bushcraft, Wild Food and Youth Courses are available by private booking all year round, in various woodland and coastal locations in Devon and throught the UK. Course numbers can be as little as six and as many as thirty. Assistant intructors are available on larger courses. Progressive learning through structured courses is available for all course types. Sign up for the mailing list to get course updates and news on forthcoming individual bookings.

Survival Course Ranging from basic two day to advanced ten day and concentrate on the skills and knowledge required to survive genuine survival situations in wilderness and urban environments.

Bushcraft Course Ranging from one to five days with an emphasis on traditional skills and equipment, camp craft and recreational activities.

Wild Food Course Ranging from a half day to three days and include foraging skills, for plants and fungi, as well as fishing, hunting and trapping, together with preparation, cooking and preservations techniques. These courses do not simply list a number of available foodstuffs, they include the knowledge of habitat and ecology needed to improve and develop your skills independantly. Structured courses over a number of seasons are available.

Youth or Family Course Ranging from one to five days depending on the ages and experience of the participants. These are often taught as a combination of the above courses with achievement and fun being the main goals.


“A few colleagues and friends of mine wanted a different type of holiday and Steve's course not only fit the bill it surpassed all expectations. Steve's knowledge was matched by his enthusiasm and the skills I learned not only lend confidence in crisis but also make recreational camping a greater joy. This course should be required learning.”

  - , Teacher

“Steve Marvell is a breath of fresh air in the sphere of survival instruction. Rather than being a ‘bush hippy’ or ex military he combines teaching good sound survival methodology in a clear and easily understood manner, with practical hands on training leaving students in no doubt that should the worst happen then they will be more than able to cope with any situation they may find themselves in. I have had the good fortune to work with as number of survival instructors, and found Steve to be one of the best instructors out there, partly due to his huge wealth of knowledge and experience on the subject and partly due to his ability to back his techniques up scientifically. I would happily recommend him to anybody wishing to train their survival skills to a high level.”

  - , Extreme Dog Walker

“Thanks so much for the survival course, it was brilliant. I have to be honest and admit that when I opened the birthday card from my husband, that not only was a trip into the woods a total surprise, but I was a little bit sceptical that it would be as good as a weekend in Italy or somewhere.

However, the shelter, snaring, foraging training was some of the most useful ever. Even came in handy during a walk to the park with my 3 year old nephew today, where I could tell him the names of plantain and dandelion and what you can do with them.

The few days with you coincided with the ash cloud from a volcano in Iceland, so when we began the course, there was no mention of it in the news. By the time we came out, back into civilisation, the shock was made even larger by the grounded flights and family members stranded in various places. I suppose it just added to the contrast and gave us the impression we really had survived!”

  - , France

“I took two courses, one after another.

The first one was a little shorter, but was the same difficultly level. The guys picked me up from the train station and were ‘very nice’ throughout the course.

The second was held by Steve. It was technically much better and though taught, was more ‘look after yourself’, allowing us to make our own decisions and make mistakes, which at the time I considered worse.

It was only after the courses I realised that it was the second where I really learnt something. His attitude was what you actually need in the wilderness, even the social wilderness of the city.”

  - , Postman, Entrepreneur, Software Architect

Steve Marvell

Survival Instructor and RNLI helmsman Steve Marvell has knowledge, skills and experience having been trained by civilian and military survival instructors, researched many topics extensively and taught hundreds of individuals throughout his career.

Steve also writes the Survival's Cool blog and can be found giving talks and demonstrations at Bushcraft and Survival events.

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If you've been on a course with Steve, heard him speak at an event or enjoy his articles, please give a recommendation.

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